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1. Angel Tax:-

  • Angel Tax, formally known as Section 56(2) of the Income Tax Act, applies to unlisted companies that raise capital through shares at a price exceeding the fair market value (FMV). The difference between the issue price and FMV is taxed at a hefty rate of 30.9%.
  • In India implemented in 2012, it has a complex history with both intended benefits and consequences for startups.

2. 10th International Yoga Day 2024 Celebration:-

  • Chief Guest: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

  • Location: Jammu and Kashmir

  • The 10th International Yoga Day theme was ''Yoga for Self and Society'', emphasizing the global importance of yoga in promoting health and well-being.

3. Gay Marriage Approval in Asia:-

  • Thailand has become the third country in Asia to approve gay marriage, marking a significant milestone in the region's LGBTQ+ rights movement.
  • Taiwan becomes the first country to legalize marriages Nationwide on 24 May 2019.

4. Most Expensive City for Immigrants in India:

  • According to Mercer's Cost of Living Survey (2024), Mumbai has become the most expensive city in India for immigrants, highlighting the high cost of living and urban development challenges.

5. UNESCO's Green Education Tools:-

  • Tools: Greening Curriculum Guidance (GCG) and Green School Quality Standards (GSQS).UNESCO stands for United National Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
  • It has launched two new tools under the Green Education Partnership to promote environmental education and sustainability in schools.

6. Reintroduction of Cheetahs:-

  • Location: Gandhi Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh Cheetahs were declared extinct in India in 1952, This project marks the first reintroduction of cheetahs in India, aiming to reestablish their presence after nearly 70 years.
  • Collaborating organizations are State wildlife authorities and international wildlife conservation bodies.

7. Minimum Support Price (MSP) Increase:-

  • The Union Cabinet has approved an increasing the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for all mandatory Kharif crops for the marketing season 2024-25, supporting farmers and agricultural growth.
  • The minimum support price (MPS) for paddy is 5.35 cent to Rs 2,300 per quintal
  • This is the first cabinet decision in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Third term in office.

8. Transgender Reservation in Public Employment:-

  • The Calcutta High Court has directed the government to implement a 1% reservation for transgender persons in public employment posts within the state, promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities.

9. Bonn Climate Conference 2024:-

  • The Bonn Climate Conference 2024 was held in Germany, focusing on addressing and mitigating the impacts of climate change globally.
  • It was officially called the June UN climate meetings (SB 60), referring to the 60th session of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) and the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI).

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