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Hey exam warriors, feeling stressed about keeping up with current affairs? Don't sweat it! This post crams some important questions into bite-sized bits to help you ace your exams.

1. BRICS Foreign Ministers met for the first time since new members joined. Guess where?


2. How many women are rocking the new Modi government?


3. PM-Kisan Nidhi scheme just doled out its 17th installment. Woot!

4. Ever heard of the Finance Commission? They decide what % of central government tax revenue goes to states. Any guesses?


5. Big plans for new homes! How many crore houses will be built under PMAY? (First Modi cabinet meeting decided this)

(3 crore)

6. Curious about the Finance Commission? Which article of the Indian Constitution talks about setting it up?

(Article 280)

7. Heard about 'Prerna Sthal'? This new place is being built in Lucknow. Cool!

8. Worried about online fraud? Guess who wants a 'Digital Payments Intelligence Platform'?


9. Remember the talk about Special Category Status (SCS)? Which Finance Commission's recommendations influenced this?

(Fifth Finance Commission)

10. Guess which country's port is India eyeing to manage and build a new terminal in?


11. The Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha needs some muscle. What's the minimum fraction of seats they should hold?


12. "World of Debt 2024" sounds serious! Who released this report?


13. Space update! Who released pics of the Sun taken by Aditya-L1 during a solar storm?


14. Long-range missiles alert! Which country unveiled their new "Air Lora" missile?


15. Ready for some sea action? The Indian Navy's INS Shivalik is in Japan for which maritime exercise? (Which edition?)

(8th JIMEX)

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