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​​Why are Lotus leaves waterproof

​​Why are Lotus leaves waterproof?

Have you ever seen lotus and its leaves in the pond? If yes, then you must have noticed that water on lotus leaves floats not spreads like other natural plants leaves do. Ever tried to find the reason behind?

Some plants leave just can’t get dirty or wet and lotus leaves are one of them. Lotus plants have superhydrophobic surfaces. Water drops that fall on lotus roll off easily due to which it always keeps itself clean and this superhydrophobic effect or lotus effect which makes lotus leaves self-cleaning plants. This leaves not only remains dry but the droplets when rollback cleans the dirt too. Water can dance on lotus leaves because of rough texture and this rough texture is because of superhydrophobic effect.

Let me tell you superhydrophobic surface means very difficult to wet or dirt the object due to water repellent surface. This is also called lotus effect because it reflects its perfect example where lotus leaves just rolls off the water easily and its leaves never get wet or dirty only 2% water reaches its surface in real. The superhydrophobic surface is made of nanoscale hairs (extremely small or microscopic or tiny) surface layer that repels water. Water droplets or anything which floats like water, when reaches leaves surface fully bounces back like a ball or pancake, but the surface don’t get wet.



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