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The Hindu Vocabulary 04-10-2021 | prudhviinfo


 🎯The Hindu Vocabulary 04-10-2021 


: Complicated

Synonyms: Involved, Intricate

Antonyms: Simple

Example Sentence:

The was a complex task of regenerating



: Obscure

Synonyms: Unclear, Dense

Antonyms: Limpid

Example Sentence:

It was nothing but technical jargon that was

opaque to her.


: Worrying

Synonyms: Disturbing, Frightening

Antonyms: Reassuring

Example Sentence:

Our countryside is disappearing at an

alarming rate.


: Desertion

Synonyms: Absconding, Decamping

Antonyms: Joining

Example Sentence:

His defection from the Labour Party was

really shocking.

5.EMACIATION(NOUN):(दर्ुलब ता)

: Thinness

Synonyms: Starvation, Underfeeding

Antonyms: Obesity

Example Sentence:

He was thin to the point of emaciation.


(व्यापक): Inclusive

Synonyms: All-inclusive, Complete

Antonyms: Partial

Example Sentence:

I own a comprehensive collection of vivid



(श्रमसाध्य): Careful

Synonyms: Meticulous, Thorough

Antonyms: Careless

Synonyms: Vain, Pointless

Antonyms: Useful

Example Sentence:

A futile attempt was made to keep fans from

mounting the stage.

9.CURB (VERB): (अकं ुश लगािा): Restrain

Synonyms: Hold back, Keep back

Antonyms: Release

Example Sentence:

She promised she would curb her temper.


: Deserted

Synonyms: Uninhabited, Unfrequented

Antonyms: Populous

Example Sentence:

She live in a house in lone rural settings.