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The Hindu Vocabulary 03-10-2021 | prudhviinfo


 🎯The Hindu Vocabulary 03-10-2021 



(सहकारी): Collaborative

Synonyms: Collective, Communal

Antonyms: Individual

Example Sentence:

Every member has clearly defined tasks in a

cooperative enterprise.

2. CAUTION (NOUN): (सावधानी): Care

Synonyms: Wariness, Awareness

Antonyms: Incaution

Example Sentence:

Anyone receiving a suspect package should

exercise extreme caution.

3. FARE (VERB): (अग्रसर होना): Get on

Synonyms: Proceed, Progress

Antonyms: Fail

Example Sentence:

The party fared very badly in the recent


4.RECLAIM(VERB):(पुनः प्राप्त करना)

: Recover

Synonyms:Regain, Retrieve

Antonyms: Forfeit

Example Sentence:

You can only reclaim Rs 25 of the Rs 435



: Operation

Synonyms: Exercise, Activity

Antonyms: Inactivity

Example Sentence:

Snowboarders performed daring manoeuvres

on precipitous slopes.

6.DISENGAGE(VERB): (छुडाना): Remove

Synonyms: Detach, Disentangle

Antonyms: Attach

Example Sentence:

I disengaged his hand from mine.


: Beginner

Synonyms: Newcomer, Fresher

Antonyms: Veteran

Example Sentence:

The prize will be awarded to the entrant who

wins the tiebreak.


: Competitor

Synonyms: Opponent, Contestant

Antonyms: Partner

Example Sentence:

He has no serious rival for the job.

9. PART (VERB): (बिदा होना): Leave

Synonyms: Take one's leave, Separate

Antonyms: Arrive, Meet

Example Sentence:

There was a good deal of kissing before we



: Incompetent

Synonyms: Unskilful, Unskilled

Antonyms: Competent

Example Sentence:

The referee was inept to handle the match.