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 🎯The Hindu Vocabulary 02-10-2021 


1. VIOLENT (ADJECTIVE): (हिंसक): Brutal

Synonyms: Vicious, Savage

Antonyms: Gentle

Example Sentence:

They had to face a violent confrontation with riot police.

2. DEMOLITION (NOUN): (विध्वंस): Destruction

Synonyms: Knocking down, Flattening

Antonyms: Construction

Example Sentence:

The monument was saved from demolition.

3. NEGLIGENCE (NOUN): (लापरवाही): Carelessness

Synonyms: Lack of care, Dereliction of duty

Antonyms: Conscientiousness

Example Sentence:

His injury was due to the negligence of his employers.

4. DIGNITY (NOUN): (गरिमा): Nobility

Synonyms: Majesty, Regality

Antonyms: Informality

Example Sentence:

He bowed in front of God with great dignity.

5. INDUCE (VERB): (कारण बनना): Cause

Synonyms: Produce, Effect

Antonyms: Prevent

Example Sentence:

None of these measures induced a change of policy.

6. DECEPTION (NOUN): (धोखा): Deceit

Synonyms: Duplicity, Double-dealing

Antonyms: Guilelessness

Example Sentence:

I dealt with a range of petty deceptions.

7. SPLENDID (ADJECTIVE): (शानदार): Magnificent

Synonyms: Sumptuous, Grand

Antonyms: Modest

Example Sentence:

The view of the HawaMahal was splendid.

8. PINNACLE (NOUN): (शिखर): Peak

Synonyms: Height, Summit

Antonyms: Nadir

Example Sentence:

He had reached the pinnacle of his career.

9. LAX (ADJECTIVE): (बेपरवाह): Slack

Synonyms: Slipshod, Negligent

Antonyms: Stern

Example Sentence:

Never let go of that privacy or be lax with your security.

10. INDEFINITELY (ADVERB): (अनिश्चित काल के लिए): Sine die

Synonyms: Forever, For good

Antonyms: Temporarily

Example Sentence:

Talks cannot go on indefinitely.



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