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Geography Top One Liner Most IMP Questions Based on Lucent 

Que 1. Which state has the largest coal reserves?

Ans – Jharkhand

Que 2. Panna is a very important place in Madhya Pradesh, it is famous for the mining of

Ans – Diamond

Que 3. What is the destination of iron ore transported by pipeline from Kundarmukh?

Ans – Mangalore (Karnataka)

Que 4. What is Khetri famous for?

Ans – Copper

Que 5. What is the number of operational refineries in the state of Assam?

Ans – Four

Que 6. Where is the Mumbai High Oil Field?

Ans – Continental Shelf of Arabian Sea

Que 7. At present, who produces the largest amount of crude petroleum in India?

Ans – Offshore Mumbai High

Que 8. In which plateau is the major iron and steel industry located?

Ans – Chota Nagpur

Que 9. What are the major sources of energy in India?

Ans – Coal, Oil and Natural Gas Energy

Que 10. With whose help was the Bhilai Steel Plant established?

Ans – Russia



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