The Hindu Vocabulary 22-09-2021


🎯The Hindu Vocabulary 22-09-2021


1. WORRISOME (ADJECTIVE): (चिंताजनक): Worrying

Synonyms: Daunting, Alarming

Antonyms: Reassuring

Example Sentence:

The situation was becoming worrisome day by day.

2. INUNDATE (VERB): (बाढ़ लाना): Flood

Synonyms: Deluge, Overflow

Antonyms: Drain

Example Sentence:

The islands may be the first to be inundated as sea levels rise.

3. CONVENE (VERB): (बुलाना): Summon

Synonyms: Call, Order

Antonyms: Disperse

Example Sentence:

He had convened a secret meeting of military personnel.

4. SIGNIFICANTLY (ADVERB): (विशेषकर): Notably

Synonyms: Remarkably, Outstandingly

Antonyms: Slightly

Example Sentence:

Energy bills have increased significantly this year.

5. TROUBLED (ADJECTIVE): (चिंतित): Anxious

Synonyms: Worried, Concerned

Antonyms: Unworried

Example Sentence:

We felt very bad looking at her troubled face.

6. BONHOMIE (NOUN): (खुशमिज़ाजी): Geniality

Synonyms: Conviviality, Affability

Antonyms: Coldness

Example Sentence:

He emits good humour and bonhomie.

7. REMOTE (ADJECTIVE): (असंभाव्य): Unlikely

Synonyms: Improbable, Implausible

Antonyms: Likely

Example Sentence:

Chances of a lasting peace became even more remote.

8. REMISS (ADJECTIVE): (बेपरवाह): Negligent

Synonyms: Neglectful, Irresponsible

Antonyms: Careful

Example Sentence:

It would be very remiss of me not to pass on that information.

9. IMMUNE (ADJECTIVE): (बचा हुआ): Resistant

Synonyms: Not subject to, Unsusceptible

Antonyms: Susceptible

Example Sentence:

They are immune from legal action.

10. FIASCO (NOUN): (असफलता): Failure

Synonyms: Disaster, Catastrophe

Antonyms: Success

Example Sentence:

His plans turned into a fiasco.



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