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Science & Computer bits || general knowledge || prudhviinfo

     Science & Computer 

👉 Distance of normal eye --6m

👉 Varicella Zoster virus present in Chicken pox

👉 World tobacco day --31 may

👉 Zika virus spreads -- leder mosquitoes

👉 DPT-- Diphtheria Pertussis Tetanus

👉 Length of digestive system of adults in--- 30 feet 

👉 Microsoft company established--1975

👉 Henry Bacquerel discoverd --Radioactivity 

👉 Henry bae invented --video game

👉 UHT --Ultra high temperature

👉 Bifocal lens invented-- Benjamin Franklin

👉 Hydropower plant convert ---Mechnical energy to Electrical energy

👉 Physical research laboratory was established-- Vikram sarabhai

👉 CMOS-- Complementry Metal Oxides Semiconducter 

👉 SPINE has --33 bones