General knowledge


 Important questions of ️ general knowledge

 Question – Which vitamin is helpful in blood clotting?

 Answer – Vitamin K

 Question: What is the unit of ampere second?

  Answer – Quantity of charge

 Question: Which disease is caused by HIV virus?

 Answer – AIDS AIDS

 Question: Which vitamin is produced in the body with the help of sunlight?

 Answer – Vitamin D

 Question With the help of which waves do bats fly safely at night?

 Answer – Ultrasonic wave

 Question: What is measured by an instrument called sphygnomanometer?

 Answer: Blood pressure

 Question:- Anatomy is a branch of science in which study of:

  Answer – Structure of animals and plants

 Question:- The energy present in food is measured by:

 Answer: Calorie

 Question: Which instrument is used to measure relative humidity?

  Answer – Hygrometer

 Question 10 – Which instrument is used to measure the density of milk?

  Answer – Lactometer



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