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Important Q&A based on Lucent for all exams

 ️Important Q&A based on Lucent for all exams❇️

 Question 1– Which disease is spread by the virus called HTLV-II?

  Answer – AIDS

 Question 2: What is the smallest gland in the human body?

 Answer – Pituitary

 Question 3 – What is an enzyme basically?

 Answer – Protein

 Question 4: In which part of the body Pitta is produced?

 Answer – In the liver

 Question 5: Krishna propounded the black hole theory? Answer – S. by Chandrashekhar

 Question 6- What is studied in Virology?

 Answer – Virus

 Question 7 – What is the chemical name of Vitamin C?

 Answer – Ascorbic Acid

 Question 8 – What is Cyanocovalamine? Answer – Vitamin B12

 Question 9- Which color diverges the most in the spectrum formed by a prism of white light?

 Answer – Violet

 Question 10 – What is the chemical name of vermilion? Answer – Mercuric Sulfide (HgS)

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