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 General Knowledge:-

 Deficiency of which vitamin does not stop blood clotting?

 ✔️ Vitamin K

 When is Hindi Day celebrated?

 ✔️ 14 September


 By which article of the constitution Hindi was declared as the national language?

 ✔️ Article 343


 After how many years the Olympic Games are held?

 ✔️ 4 years

 When is International Human Rights Day celebrated?

 ✔️ December 10

 Which country shares its land border with most countries?

 ✔️ China

 What is a sharp drop in barometric readings indicative of?

  ✔️ of the storm

 What is the name of Indian desert?

 ✔️ Thar

 In which state is the Kaziranga National Sanctuary located?

 ✔️ Assam

 In which direction does the earth rotate on its axis?

 ✔️ West to East

 Ujjain is situated on the banks of which river?

 ✔️ Shipra

 Which metal is the best conductor of electricity?

 ✔️ Silver

 What is mainly found in Gobar gas?

 ✔️ Methane