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Q. 1 When was Guru Nanak Dev born?

 Ans: 29 November 1469

 Q. 2 What is the total length of "Waterway-1"

 . 1620 kms (Prayagraj to Haldia)

 Q. 3 Who was the first Indian woman to get the "Booker Prize"?

 Answer: Arundhati Roy

 Q. 4 When did the “Water Revolution” start in India?

 Answer 5 June 2015


 Q. 5 In which state is the "Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary" located?

 North Rajasthan (Bharatpur)

 Q. 6 What is the full form of "MRTP"?

 Answer Monopolies and Restrictive Business Practices

 Q. 7 When did the Moplah rebellion take place?

 Answer 1921 - 22

 Q. Who was the Speaker of the 8th 16th Lok Sabha?

 Answer: Sumitra Mahajan

 Q. 9 In which year was the "Asiatic Society" established?

 Answer 1784

 NS. 10 A question was asked from the Gulf of Kutch.

 Q. 11 Where are the Ajanta and Ellora caves located?

 North Aurangabad (Maharashtra)

 Q. 12 Where is the Sun Temple located?

 Ans: Konark (Odisha)

 NS. 13 What is the minimum age to become a member of Panchayat Samiti?

 Answer 21 years

 Q. 14 Who is the author of "Bahurupi Gandhi"?

 Answer: Anu Bandopadhyay

 Q. 15 Short cut key "Ctrl + V" is used in MS Word -

 Ans. Paste it

 Q. 16 Which Indian has been awarded Mexico's highest civilian honor for foreigners?

 Uttar Pratibha Devi Singh Patil

 Q. 17 ISRO set up research center in Antarctica?

 Ground station for Earth Observation Satellites (AGEOS) at Uttar Bharati Station

 Q. 18 When did Emperor Nadar Shah invade India?

 Answer 1739

 Q. 19 The study of animals is called-

 Ans. zoology

 NS. One question from 20 Operating Systems.

 Q. 21 Which building was built on the arrival of "George V" in India

 . Gateway of India

 Q. 22 What is the SI unit of sound?

 one decibel

 Q23 A question was asked from the Russian Prize.

 Q. 24 In which year, the World Trade Organization (WTO) was established?

 Answer 1 January 1995

 Q. 25 Who passed a bill in India after Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha?

 President of North India

 Q. 27 When was Hampi included in UNESCO?

 Ans 2017