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9 Best Foods That Develop Platelets In The Blood

Normally we have between one and four and a half million platelets in our blood, which act as a blood clot when a wound comes out of us due to any injury. , BP, risk of heart attack, complete boredom. That is why it is important to make sure that the number of platelets does not decrease from time to time. If we do a blood test we will know how many platelets we have in our blood. The number of platelets depends on the food we eat.

9 Best Foods That Develop Platelets In The Blood

1. Beetroot: 

It helps in increasing platelets. People suffering from anemia should definitely take beetroots.

2. Carrots:

Beets like carrots should be eaten at least twice a week.

3. Papaya: 

It is better to take papaya immediately when blood level is low.

4. Garlic:

If you want to increase platelets naturally in the body, you should eat garlic. Since it is an ideal ingredient, you can add garlic in the dishes you prepare.

5. Greens: 

When the platelets in the body are low, it is better to take greens which are rich in vitamin K.

6. Pomegranate:

 All red fruits are high in iron. It helps to increase platelet count.

7. Apricot: 

Apricot is another fruit that is high in iron. Eating apricots twice a day can increase platelet levels.

8. Raisins: 

Delicious dry fruits contain 30% iron. Eating a bunch of grapes naturally increases platelet levels.

9. Dates:

Dried dates are also high in iron and other nutrients, which help to improve platelets naturally.



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