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Lion Capital, Sarnath | prudhviinfo

Sarnath Lion Capital

 Lion Capital, Sarnath

◇ The Lion Capital discovered more than a hundred years ago at Sarnath, near Varanasi, is generally referred as Sarnath Lion Capital.

◇ It is one of the finest examples of sculpture from Mauryan period and was built by Ashoka in commemoration of ‘Dhammachakrapravartana’ or the first sermon of Buddha.

□ Originally it consists of five components:

◇ The pillar shaft.

◇ The lotus bell or base.

◇ A drum on the bell base with four animals proceeding clockwise (abacus).

◇ Figure of four majestic addorsed (back to back) lions

◇ The crowning element, Dharamchakra/Dharmachakra.

◇ Dharamchakra (the fifth component said above), a large wheel was also a part of this pillar. However, this wheel is lying in broken condition and is displayed in the site museum of Sarnath.