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Different type of Unemployment | prudhviinfo

Different type of Unemployment

 Different type of Unemployment

□ Structural Unemployment

◇ Caused by structural change.

◇ Example- technological change, growing population etc.

□ Frictional Unemployment

◇ When people shift from one job to another and remain unemployed during this interval period.

□ Cyclical Unemployment (Demand Deficiency Unemployment)

◇ When people are thrown out from the job due to a decrease in demand.

◇ Example- recession

□ Disguised Unemployment

◇ In this type of employment, people are employed but their marginal productivity is zero.

◇ Example- One man is engaged in some agriculture work, his friend joins him but the productivity of both remains same. His friends come under disguised unemployment.

□ Educated Unemployment

◇ If one educated person not able to get a suitable job suited to his qualification.

◇ Example- Engineering graduate is getting clerk post instead of engineer post.

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