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 ​What Is A Brix Refractometer And How Do They Work?

A Brix Refractometer is a device used across a wide range of industries and professions. One of the most common uses of these refractometers is within the food and beverage industry and, if you work this industry, you will undoubtedly be aware of the term “Brix percentage.”

What Is A Brix Refractometer

When light enters a liquid at an angle, it changes direction. This phenomenon is called refraction. Light will refract more when travelling through a liquid with dissolved or suspended solids. Therefore, refraction can be used to measure the concentration of dissolved or suspended solids within a solution. Refractometers are scientific instruments that measure refraction angles and correlate them to an already established refractive index (nD).

Brix can be used to measure sucrose found within vegetables, juices, soft drinks, wine, beer, and many more plant-based foods. What’s commercially significant is there is a direct correlation between a plant’s Brix value and its taste, quality, potential alcohol content, and nutritional density.



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