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Indian Military Exercises

The Indian military exercises can be segregated into 3 categories:

  1. 🔸Domestic exercise
  2. 🔸Bilateral exercise
  3. 🔸Multilateral exercise

🔸Domestic exercise

This exercise aims to improve internal engagements and there can be inter-services or intra-services depending on nature and its application.

List of military domestic exercises:

➖Gandiv Vijay

➖Paschim Lehar

➖Vayu Shakti

➖Vijay Prahar

🔸Bilateral exercise

These exercises are conducted between two countries.

The following table provides you with a list of important Indian bilateral army exercises.

Exercise Name➖Participant Nations

➖Sampriti➖India & Bangladesh

➖Mitra Shakti➖India & Sri Lanka

➖Maitree Exercise➖India & Thailand

➖Vajra Prahar➖India & US

➖Yudh Abhyas➖India & US

➖Nomadic Elephant➖India & Mongolia

➖Garuda Shakti➖India & Indonesia

➖Shakti Exercise➖India & France

➖Dharma Guardian➖India & Japan

➖Surya Kiran➖India & Nepal

➖Hand in Hand Exercise➖India & China

🔸Multilateral exercise

These exercises are conducted by the military including more than one partner nations.

List of major multilateral exercises conducted by the military are given below:

Multilateral exercise➖No of Participating countries



➖COBRA-GOLD➖Asia – Pacific countries

➖Samvedna➖South Asian Region Nations

🔷Few important and interesting facts about the Indian Army:

➖Indian Army is the world’s largest ground force, overtaking China

➖There are approximately 1.4 million personnel in the Indian Army

➖The largest standing volunteer army in the world is Indian Army with 1,129,900 Active personnel and 960,000 Reserves

➖There are recruiting zones in the country for the purpose of recruitment in the Indian Army

➖The headquarters of Indian Army is in New Delhi

➖The first headquarters of Indian Army – Red Fort, Delhi

➖Today – Portions of South Block along with a gigantic, architecturally modern Sena Bhavan adjacent.

➖In India, command headquarters is known as Field Army with a General Officer Commanding-in-Chief presiding over matters in the rank of a (three-star) Lieutenant General.

➖The head of the Indian Army staff is called the Chief of Army Staff (COAS.)

➖The current Army Chief is General Manoj Mukund Naravane

➖Earlier, General Bipin Rawat was the Indian Army Chief

➖Indian Army also has Vice Chief and two Deputy Chiefs of Army Staff

➖In the Indian Army, corps are the field force. They are of two types – Holding Corps and Strike Corps.



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