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What's So Interesting About schedules?

What's So Interesting About schedules?


The Constitution of India at the time of adoption had only 8 schedules to which 4 more 

were added during the succeeding 66 years.

 First Schedule: State and UTs.


 Second Schedule: Salaries and Emoluments of President, Governor, Chief Judges, 

Auditor General, Speaker, and Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha.

Third Schedule:  Forms of Oath and Affirmations of Members of Legislatures, Ministers 

Judges and the Comptroller and Auditor General.

Fourth Schedule:  Allocation of Seats in the Rajya Sabha.


 Fifth Schedule:  Administration and control of Scheduled Areas and Scheduled Tribes.


 Sixth Schedule: Administration of Tribal Areas in the state of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura 

and Mizoram.


 Seventh Schedule:  Distribution of Power between the Union and the State Government 

(Union List, State List, and Concurrent List).

 Eighth Schedule Languages. 

Ninth Schedule: Validation of certain Acts and Regulations.


Tenth Schedule: Anti-Defection Law.


 Eleventh Schedule: Power, authority, and responsibility of Panchayats. It has 29 matters.


 Twelfth Schedule: Powers, authority, and responsibility of municipalities. It has 18 matters.

What's So Interesting About schedules