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things one must do to improve their
communication skills now to begin with
is it possible to improve our English
within 30 days or to learn a language
within 30 days I would say yes
definitely but bearing in mind you spend
quality time practicing it and how to do
you practice it there are four things
that you must do the first one is listening
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listen more and more listen to English
videos or English movies now how will
this helps you listening will help you to
structure yourself and the content that
you wish to deliver so when you attend
any seminars or when you watch English
movies it will not only help you to
develop your content but you will also
increase your awareness about various
things so the first thing is to listen
remember we learned our mother tongue by
listening to the second one is a peak
speak whenever you get any opportunity
even if it is in broken sentences take
that opportunity and speak speaking will
help you to gain the confidence you will
slowly notice that you're self
correcting yourself which is the first
sign of success the third one is read
read as much as possible reading will
help you to build up your vocabulary and
also to build up the content read
whatever you like if your interest is
sports entertainment fashion technology
whatever is your interest go ahead pick
up a magazine pick up a book and start
reading it this will not only help you
for the vocabulary, it is also going to
help you to develop your content for any
other seminars that you may probably
give in the future the fourth one and
the most important one is to observe and
interpret body language
believe it or not but communication is
more of nonverbal than verbal tone and
body language plays a very important role
as much as words do so when we are
conversing it is not only the verbal
words that we actually deliver but it is
also how we deliver it the tone that we
use the body language or the gestures
that we have while we are speaking to
another person so try and observe good
speakers also try to emulate certainly
gestures that they use that will help
you to improve your communication skills
so finally the four things you must do
daily and practice religiously is to listen
speak read and observe if you are doing
this religiously I can assure you that
you will improve your communication
skills very fast I hope you enjoyed this
video thank you for watching we shall
come up with more such videos on job
skills that will help you to improve
your interview as well as your
communication skills and hey do not
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