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Basic general knowledge




1. Who is consider as being the  founder of Agra ?

A. Sikandar lodi 

2. Jantar mantra in Delhi built by? 

A. Jai Singh 

3. Who built the famous Sanchi stupa? 

A. Ashoka

4. who built the famous konark sun temple? 

A. Narasimha Deva 1

5. Who built the famous Fatehpur sikri ?


6. Indian's rank in the ongoing corruption perception index 2020?

A. 86th position 

7. Which bank has appointed S Jana kiraman and AK tiwari  as MDs ? 


8. Where has' the school of public' has been launched ?

A. Rajasthan 

9.'UP Singh ' has been appointed the secretary of which ministry? 

A. Ministry of textiles 

10. Who has became the world's best selling auto mobile manufacturer ?

A. Toyota 

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