General knowledge


General knowledge:

1. Largest producer of gold? 

A. India:karnataka

      World :china

2. Largest producer of silver? 

A. India :  Rajasthan 

     World :mexico 

3. largest producer of iron ore ?

A. India : odisha 

      World : china

4. Largest producer of copper? 

A. India : madhay Pradesh 

     World : chile 

5. Largest producer of lead? 

A. India : Rajasthan 

      World : china

6. Full form of MD? 

A. Managing director 

7. Full form of ED? 

A. Executive director 

8. Full form of CMD? 

A. Chief managing director 

9. Full form of CFO? 

A. Chief financial officer 

10. Full form of IAS? 

A. Indian administrative service 

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