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General knowledge


 1. On which date "Janta curfew "was imposed in India? 

A. 22 march 2020

2. First Indian state to impose full curfew because of the Carona virus? 

A. Punjab 

3. Which is the first state to impose Lockdown due to the Carona virus? 

A. Rajasthan 

4. First Indian state who declared the Carona virus as a pandemic? 

A. Haryana

5. Who declared covid-19 as a pandemic? 


6. Abbreviation of URL? 

A. Uniform resource lactose 

7. Abbreviation of RAM?

A. Random access memory 

8. Abbreviation of ROM? 

A. Read-only memory 

9. Abbreviation of WWW? 

A. World wide web

10. Abbreviation of HTTP? 

A. Hypertext transfer protocol 

11. Abbreviation of HTML? 

A. Hypertext  markup language 

12. Abbreviation of LAN? 

A. Local area of network 

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