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Basic general knowledge /15-1-2021



1. First speaker of Loksabha? 

 A. G. V. Mavalankar 

2. First defence minister of India? 

A. Baldev Singh

3. First Chief Justice of India? 

A. H. J Kania 

4. Statue of unity(182 m) ?

A. Gujarat, India 

5. spring temple Buddha (128m)?

A. China

6. Lykyun sekkya (11.58m) ?

A. Myanmar 

7. Statue of equality (65.8m )?

A. Hyderabad, India 

8. Statute of liberty ( 46m ) ?

A. New York, USA

9.Bismark of India - Vallabhai Patel 

10. Flying Sikh - milkha Singh 

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