Basic general knowledge /9-1-2021


General knowledge:

1. Fastest century in test Circket match? 

A. Brendon mccullum

2. First female  judge of hight court? 

A. Anna chandy 

3. Thomas cup related to? 

A. Badminton 

4. Study of liver? 

A. Hepatology

5. Algophobia - fear of pain 

6. Archanophobia - fear of spiders

7. Electrophobia - fear of electricity 

8. Chromophobia - fear of colours 

9. Blue revolution is concerned  with - Fish production 

10. Golden fiber revolution is concerned with - Jute production 

11. Green revolution is concerned with - Food grains 

12. Gray revolution is concerned with - Fertilizer 

13. Black revolution is concerned with - petroleum production 

14. Indian's oldest dam - kallanai Dam (Tamil nadu) 

15. Indian's longest dam - Hirakud dam (odisha) 

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