Basic general knowledge /7-1-2021



1. When  did demonetisation happen in India?

A. 8 November 2016

2. When did 370 section in Jammu and kashmir end? 

A. 5th August 2019

3. When was pulwama attack? 

A. 14th February 2019

4. When was Ram temple was decided?

A. 9 November 2019

5. Full form of RADAR? 

A. Radio detection and ranging 

6. Head quarters of ISRO? 

A. Bengaluru

7. National science day? 

A. Feb 28

8. what is the study of soil called? 

A .pedology 

9. World cup  cricket venue 2023?

A. India

10. Full form of SONAR? 

A.  Sound navigation and ranging 

11. Full form of IUPAC? 

A.  International union of pure and applied chemistry 

12. Full form of LED? 

A. Liquid emitting diode 

13. Full form of CCTV? 

A. Closed circuit television 

14. Chairman of WIPRO? 

A. Rishad premji 

15. vijendra singh is related to which game? 

A. boxing 

16. What is the shape of the milky way? 

A.  Spiral 

17. Where is the headquarters of WTO located? 

A. Geneva, switzerland 

18. A collection of poems -Anthology 

19. A collection of flowers - bouquet 

20. Government by one person - autocracy 

21. Animals which leave both on land and sea- amphibian 

22. Fit to be eaten - edible 

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