Basic general knowledge /11-1-2021


General Knowledge:

 1. Old name of Japan? 

A. Nippon 

2. Old name of Myanmar?

A. Burma 

3. Old name of Thailand? 

A. Siam

4. Old name of Sri Lanka? 

A. Ceylon 

5. Old name of Iran? 

A. Persia  

6. Territory - A land under the rule

7. Vulture -  A bird or a person who preys 

8. Abject -  Terrible and without hope 

9. Forsake - To leave a person or a place forever 

10. Biggest country ( area wise)? 

A. Russia 

11. Smallest country (area wise)? 

A. Vatican City 

12. Biggest country (population-wise)?

A. China 

13.  Smallest country (population-wise)?

A.  Vatican City 

14. Which is the nearest star to the earth? 

A. Sun

15. which is the second nearest star to the earth? 

A. Proxima Centauri 

16. who invited a mobile phone? 

A. Martin cooper 

17. Who invited band-aid? 

A. Earle Dickson 

18. First Indian origin (American) woman in space was Kalpana Chawla.

19. World's first satellite Sputnik was launched by the USSR on October 4,1957.

20. ISRO made Aryabhatta - the Indian satellite was launched on April 19th,1975 by the USSR. 

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