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Line of Actual Control (LAC)


Line of Actual Control (LAC): 

• Sino-Indian border - more than 4000 km long. • Covers western sector (UT of Ladakh); middle sector

(Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand); and the eastern

sector (sikkim and McMahon line of Arunachal

Pradesh). • Dispute with respect to Western and Middle boundary:

 India claims that China occupies more than 38000

sq km in UT of Ladakh.

 1964 - Pakistan ceded a part of Indian territory

in Pakistan occupied Kashmir to China.

 China administers the Aksai Chin area - part of

the present UT of Ladakh in India.

• Dispute with respect to Eastern boundary:

 1914: Shimla Accord signed by the British Indian

authorities, Tibet and China - the boundary between Tibet

and the northeastern India was proposed by British officer Henry McMahon - so the name McMahon line.

 1950: China started to ‘incorporate’ Tibet into the Peoples’ Republic of China - boundary disputes emerged between India and China.

 China officially does not agree with the McMahon line. • No commonly delineated Line of Actual Control (LAC) between

India and China - there are areas along the border where India and China have differing perceptions of the LAC. 

• Indian Government regularly takes up any transgression with the Chinese side through established mechanisms.