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Basic general knowledge /22-1-21





1. Who invented the hydrogen? 

A. Henry Cavendish 

2. Who invented  the penicillin ?

A. Alexandra  Fleming 

3. Who invented the television ?

A. Graham bell 

4. Who invited the mobile? 

A. Martin cooper 

5. First viceroy of India ? 

A. Lord canning 

6. Highest production of mica is found in which state? 

A. Ranjasthan

7. Highest production of wheat  is seen in which country? 

A. china 

8. Which gland secretes growth hormones? 

A. The pituitary gland 

9. Who invented the blood group? 

A. Karl landsteriner 

10. Which country is called" land of golden pagoda " ?

A. Myanmar 

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