Basic general knowledge


1. Who invited the pencillian? 

A. Alexander Fleming 

2. Who invented the blood group? 

A. Karl lansdsteriner 

3. Who invited the hydrogen? 

A. Hendry Cavendish 

4. Who invented the telephone? 

A. Graham bell 

5. Who invented the mobile? 

A. Martin cooper 

6. Largest desert in - India : Thar desert 

                                      World : Sahara desert 

7. Largest Delta- India :sunderban delta 

                               World : sunderban delta 

8. Largest river in - India : Ganga 

                                   World : nile

9 . Biggest active volcano -

India : Barren island 

World: Mauna loa

10. Longest highway in India? 

A. NH44

11.  Which is most visited state by tourist in India? 

A. Tamil nadu 

12. Bibliophobia -  fear of hatred books 

13.chronophobia-  fear of time

14. Geraphobia - fear of old age 

15. Gynoephobia - fear of women

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