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Basic general knowledge




 1. Largest river? 

A. India : Indus river 

      World: Amazon river 

2. Longest river? 

A. India : Ganga river 

    World: Nile river 

3. Highest mountain peak? 

A. India : Kangchenjunga

    World : Mount Everest 

4. Longest mountain range? 

A. India : Himalayan range 

    World : The andes

5. oldest mountain range? 

A. India : Aravalli range

       World : The Urals

6. Prime minister of Japan? 

A. yoshihide suga

7. Prime minister of Russia? 

A. Mikhail Mishustin 

8. prime minister of Iran? 

A. Mustafa Al-kadhimi

9. Prime minister of irland ?

A. Micheal Martin 

10. Prime minister of India? 

A. Narendra modi 

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