Stubborn our presence / Forcely involved in negative mood without self interest



  Stubborn our presence / Forcely involved in negative mood without self interest 
 There will be stages ,as well as consider types of depression with its impacts 
1.clinical depression 
2.persistent depression 
3.bi-polar disorder 
   Actually, what happens during this time?
●  Lack of interest ,dull...involuntarily involved in extreme negativity 

@let me explain u ,
  If a person reading a book,there if he face a and particularly single word , which seems difficulty ..throughly his mind changes on according that word,Like he has to be decide himself ,
 He is useless fellow,he can't be good,he's unable to recognize any words  eventhough he capable to understand the words...
-Mood swings(often moods changes..)
-Lack of interest in social involvement 
- insomnia/hypersomnia
-poor hunger
-headache,nausea,mild appearance
-anxious,cardiovascular problems(sometimes)
1.clinial depression 
  in this stage,he has to be suffer and overcome in one episode(certain period of time),need treatment, usually self treatment also helpful
2.persistent depression 
  Symptoms will be mild(extreme),he has to face in multiple episodes....need treatment surely. 
3.Bi.polar disorder
  Multiple times of mood swings cause to this stage
Behaving 2/3 persons like...
Ex.3 movie
 What causes lead to depression 
1.Environment(home,family, school )
  STG,(serotonin transport gene) 
40%of depression cases on according heredity 
3.life events
Love failure,job less,health problems 
4.orthodox families
5.medicines efects 

How to identify, if any one feel/,likely to behave on according this symptoms more than 14 days,they need treatment must and should
Key factors 
1.Depression is not a sign of cowardness,it's like a condition as diabetes
2.in pre stage,can be overcome this situation through family and self support as well as friends 
3.hyppocampus,amygdala,dorsomial thalamus brain areas effected during this time.
4.Elctroconsultive,cognitive as well psychotherapies are part in the treatment of depression, medication should available
5.treatment based on range of  situation. 
6.15%stress,22%depressed during lockdown india by a study conductants.
7.depression rate high in women than men.



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