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Plant life


Plant life:

  Have u ever ask urself' ...is there really plants have life?🤔,if true how can u decide urself?????

   Let me explain u oscillations,greenery is make u to decide,if plants has life...ur surely mistaken..

   Similar observations takes place in non life plants...Regardless chemical reactions itselves.

   Let me ask u onething

 What is chemical reaction (plants)?

 1.preparation of food

2.mechanism of Growth 


      Prepaparation of food

Yeah...it's true ,plants prepare food in their own..'in scientific term we called as PHOTOSYNTHESIS 


- through light , they convert water into oxygen as well as inhalation of carbon into carbohydrates.

🙂MECHANISM of Growth 

     As they are preparing food themselves...vectors should be like XYLUM &PHLOEM passing food materials all corners of the plants.



  $$main thing how the energy generated using all this factors

 😎when the combination of carbon dioxide and water molecule in the presence of light 

The sweat molecules Generated,so called Glucose 

 In official way we consider Glucose as ATP

Key factors regarding photosynthesis $$$$=

- Adenoscyne tri phosphate 

😃 tri means e energy molecules, where as adenoscyne means adenine gene and beta n9 Glycosydic acid.

 Interesting factors:

 🤪 Cyanobacteria, purple and sulfur bacteria,acidophilic bacteria called as photosynthetic bacteria

🤪 during light time,they generate Mg ion, which tends into green throughout chlorophyll color ranges itself.

  🤪 Jagadeesh chandrabose confirmed,plants has life...he founds criscograph,which is used to measure the plant life.