General Knowlwddge:

 1. Pacemaker is associated with which organ? 

A.  Heart

2. Human used which metal firstly? 

A. Copper 

3.Astronauts see  outer sky as? 

A. Black

4. Hyderabad is situated  in which bank of River? 

A. Musi river 

5. Which gas mainly founded in bio gas? 

A. Methane 

6. Which Indian wrestler of  has won gold at  rome Ranking series event? 

A. Bajrang punia 

7. Recently 'shopper ' word was in news it is a? 

A. Malware

8. Who has been conferred  with the 29th saraswathi samman award? 

A. Vasdev mohi

9. Which city hosted  "world future energy summit 2020"?

A. Abu Dhabi 

10. Which badminton player  recently won the  Malaysian masters title 2020?

A. Kento momota

11. Fear of flowers? 

A. Anthophobia

12. Fear of dogs? 

A. Cynophobia

13. Fear of food? 

A. Cibophobia 

14. Fear of colour? 

A. Chromophobia 

15. Fear of wind? 

A. Anemophobia 



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