1.Tsomgo lake is located in which city?

A. Sikkim 

2.Loktak lake  located in which state? 

A. Manipur 

3. Pulikat lake is located in which state? 

A. Andhra Pradesh 

4.chilika lake is located in which state? 

A. Odisha 

5. Todar mal was associated with ?

A. Finance 

6.  To which king belongs the lion capital at sarnath ?

A. Ashoka 

7.  Tipitakas are scared books of? 

A. Buddhist 

8.  The battle of plassey was fought in ?

A. 1757

9. Currency of United States? 

A.  United States Dollars ($)

10.  Capital of United States? 

A. Washington D.C .

11. Independent date of United States? 

A. July 4,1776

12. National anthem of United States? 

A. The star - spangler banner 

13. President of United States? 

A. Joe Bidden

14.  Vice - president of United States?

A. Kamala Devi herris 

15. National flag adopted by constitution assembly?

A. 22 July, 1947.

16. Headquarters of ICC? 

A. Dubai ,UAE

17. Who introduced English education in India? 

A. Lord mackay 

18. Baglihar  hydro project on which river? 

A. Chenab river 

19. Who was the first finance minister of India? 

A. R. k. Shanmukham shetty

20.First Indian to receive Bharat ratna  award? 

A. D. R. Radhakrishnan

21.First Indian to win Nobel Prize?

A. Rabindranath Tagore 

22. Who was the first Woman pilot of India? 

A. Prema mathur

23. Who founded 'Bramha samaj'?

A. Raja Rammohan Rai

24. Who was known as "Punjab kesari"? 

A. Lala lajpat rai

25. Fish take breath by? 

A. Gills 

26. Vijay ghat in Delhi is associated with whome ?

A. Lal bahadur shastri 

27. Akbar was impressed by which Sikkim guru?

A. Guru ramdas 

28. Onam is the famous festival of which state? 

A. Kerala 

29.land of rising sun? 

A. Japan

30. Guru nayak Deva was born in which place? 

A. Nanakana sahib 

31. Who was first female ruler in India? 

A. Razia sultan 

32. In which date jaliyawala  bagh tradegry happened ?

A. 13 April, 1919

33. BRICS was established in?

A. 2006

34.G-7 was established in? 

A. 1975

35. G-20 was established in? 

A.  1999

36.BIMSTEC was established in? 

A. 1997

37. NATO was established in? 

A. 1949

38.ASEAN was established in? 

A. 1967




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