General knowledge

 1.The first female speaker of Loksabha? 

A. Meira kumari 

2. The first deputy  prime minister  of India?

A. Vallababhai jhaverbhai  patel

3. First women to be in the space for the long time ?

A. Christian koch

4.First lady lieutenant general  of Pakistan ?

A. Nigar Jauhar

6.Who is known as missile women of India? 

A. Tessy Thomas 

7.Satute of piece is associated? 

A. Vijay vallabh sureshwar 

8.World's oldest nanostructured founded in 6th century in BC pottery has been discovered at which place? 

A. Keeladi

9.Who is the author of book titled'Vahana masterclass'?

A. Alfredo coveli 

10. Who has been appointed a president as the valley ball fedaration of India? 

A. Achyuta samanta 

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