Basic general knowledge

general knowlwdge:

 1.Largest producer of grapes in India? 

A. Maharashtra 

2. Largest producer of  sugarcane in India? 

A. Uttar Pradesh 

3. Largest producer of groundnuts in India? 

A. Gujarat 

4. Largest producer of soyabean in India? 

A. Madhya Pradesh 

5. The young one of frog is called? 

A. Tadpole 

6.The young one of kangaroo is called? 

A. Joey

7. The young one of cow is called? 

A. Calf 

8. The young one of deer is called? 

A. Fawn

9.The young one of pig is called? 

A. Piglet 

10. The young one of lion is called ?

A. Club

11. First Indian  female  to fly a rafale? 

A. Shivangi Singh 

12. First Indian women to fly an aircraft? 

A. Sarla thakral 

13. First Asian women Loco-pilot or Railway driver? 

A. Surekha yadav

14. Full form of VIP? 

A. Very important person 

15. Full form of WTO? 

A. World Trade organisation 

16. Full form of UNESCO?

A. United nations economic social and cultural organization 

17. Full form of AIIMS?

A. All Indian Institute of Medical Science 

18.  Full form of SEBI? 

A.  security exchange board of India 

19. Full form of RBI?

A. Reserve Bank of India 

20. Full form of HTTP? 

A.  Hyper text transfer protocol

21. Full form of DVD? 

A. Digital versatile disk

22. Full form of RAM? 

A. Random access memory 

23. Full form of URl? 

A. Uniform resource lactor

24. Full form of SIM? 

A. subscriber identifiaction module 

25. Full form of PDF? 

A. Portable document 



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