Blood Groups


Blood Groups

   More than body organs ,blood plays major role for the life of body.

First we need to know a few basic points regarding blood.

What is blood?

 Combination of blood platelets,plasma(serum),whiteblood cells...

In the plasma certain compounds will be there like salts,solid materials (immunecells).

Blood color@

 The color of blood decides by iron metal which presents in haemoglobin.

Shape of the blood.

 Mostly round and concave nature..(shape of blood cells decides person health condition).

ABO categories @

  Actually the color of blood similar in organisms(exceptional organisms like cockroach)

    But deeply differentiated in their nature with more pecularities,it depends upon agglutination.

A,B,AB,O groups are majorly follows by people

How the blood groups differentiates?

    A blood group who as "A " antigen combinely having "B" antbody,as well as "B "blood group having "B" antigen A antibody,

AB having AB antigen but no antibodies. 

Quite difference regarding O Group, having No antigen, but AB antibodies.

How positive and negatives decided ?

     Rh factor which decides positivity of blood

  The blood group which as Rh factor which consider positive blood group .

For example :

 Geetha Having A blood group and sunita having B that to negative group.

Here normally A group having rh factor ,so it A+group, where as B having not rh factor,so it negative

How to identify blood groups?

There is a kit 

Anti A

Anti B

Anti O

Whenever we take three drops of blood ,each drop dropped by 3 anti serums,

If anti A agglutinated,the blood will A

Positivity decided RH factor serum, when the serum will added to as blood drop,if it is agglutinated that is positive one

A,B,O,Rh factor...

A serum agglutinated simultaneously agglutinated in rh factor,that is A+

Key factors..^

1.Father of blood groups CARL LANDSTIENERS

2.Ngative blood groups are rare blood types

3.AB+group consider as universal recipient, O- consider as Universal Donor.

4.red color blood decuded by iron ion, green plants having magnesium ion

Without any ion blood in white color.

5.Bombay blood group one of rare blood group find by bhende in Mumbai in 1952. Having antibodies A,B,H

6.peenal blood which is at karnataka found in 2017.

7.women haemoglobin 12-14%,where as men 14%-16%.

8.imbalances of percentages cause various health issues.

      ***Blood can be transfused based on positive and antigen factors.




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