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Human body types

 Human body types

    In fact people varies based on their productiveness,to be clearly the range and intensity decides their worth... in specific manner their attitude,planning can be preestimated during foetus even  physical morphism can be estimated regarding 

   But the interesting Thing is that 
The types  regarding body appearance,facts,benefits 
Overwhelming our enthusiasm knowing much more about body

                                   This people straight line phased,without any specific areas varies,which tend to physical attraction. 

                                     This people bulky as well ,can be change without only any inherit permits..
  They have large amount of tissue as well as fat on their body areas.

   Pre occupancy is not acceptable ,through practicing,medication,proper balancing in their life style ,everything tends to this one.
They seems square in shape,large muscular tissue jn specific areas(shoulders,thighs,stomach).

Ex: Boxers,sports persons
Ecto-Endomorphs: they are balanced person without any specific medications,easy to accede themselves.

1.Genetically acceptable body nature can be equivalent their life time.
2.Through huge awareness and genetically modifications avail,but no guaranty as well.
(In india  consider this as doping)
3.Adoptable body acquire, among without any difficulties (Blessed people).
   Man can do anything just we need awareness and consitency👍