Biology facts

 Biology facts:

1.The Fear of coitus "Genophobia/coitophobia""

2.the continuous fluctuations of a pregnant women observe impulse rate

3.combination of lead and calcium weakens the bones

4."Magnesium" metal presents in Green leaves

5.Average rate of carbon dioxide releases during night times(plants)

6."Aristotle" is the father of Biology

7.skin is the largest organ in the human body

8.Bones weakens during winter

9.Tomato ripening from three pigments

 Chlorophyll, xanthophils,lycopine

10.pubic hair healthier than Head Hair

11."Liver" is only organ can regrow th

12.pinal blood group one of the rarest blood groups like Bombay blood group 

13. Oxytocin hormone is"bonding Hormone 

14.cancer is common thing, which decide by unequal growth of cells in the body.

15.Hypothalamus decides body Temperature 

16.pituitary is consider as master gland .

17.Flexibility increase human life period.

18.testtube baby is cultured on artificial medium 

19.pampering child, Reflects their personality.

20. Breast formation is by fat naturally. 




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