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Biology facts part 2


 Biology facts part 2

  1.Blood is the medium between carbon dioxide and oxygen

2.percentage of Iron decides the color of blood

3.calvin bone called as beauty bone

4.serotonin hormone consider as pain killer 

5.kiss peptin hormone cause to female puberty

     Classified into 3 types

7.foetus have 2 holes in their heart

8.neonathal humans as well as homosapians have almost similar brains

9.Absortion of c supplements, passed out through urine

10.ammonia smell in the urine is sign of dehydration 

11.low level of white blood cells( actual 13,000-16,000) similar sign of dehydration 

12.rising milk during heating is caused by various nutrients stops to water vapour outwards.

13.criscograph ,used  to measure the growth of plants

14.body hairs naturally evolved during pliestoscenes for protecting from breeze

15.Calorie means 1 unit of energy

16.Human GONADOTROPHIN hormone release pregnant women urine
17.Dopamine high risk for memory loss

18.human skull having14 bones

19.immunity against itself cause to various auto immune disorders.

20.stem cells,can build same organism (cloning)