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 1.Longest rail tunnel in India? 

A. Pir panjal Railway tunnel 

2.Biggest underground railway network? 

A. New York 

3. Longest forest state of India? 

A. Madhay Pradesh 

4.Longest tributary river of India? 

A.yamuna river 

5. Which animal have teeth in their stomach? 

A. Crabs 

6.pandit Deen dayal upadhya airport is located in which city? 

A. Agra

7.Study of teeth is called?

A. Odontology 

8.Most abundant element in sea water is? 

A. Chlorine 

9.Who changed the name  of patliputra the name of Patna? 

A. Sher shub suri 

10.In which state is  the  Madai festival is celebrated?

A. Chhattisghar 

11.who is the father of homoeopathy

A. Hahnemann

12.who is called shake sphere of India? 

A.Mahakavi kalidas .

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