General knowledge:

1. City of seven hills? 

A. Rome, Italy

2. Land of rising sun? 

A. Japan

3. City of Golden Gate? 

A. San Francisco ,us

4. land of midnight sun? 

A. Norway 

5.Nilgiri hills ,India ?

A. Blue mountains

6. Which is the most populous country in the world ?

A. china

7. Which is largest city in the world? 

A. Tokyo 

8. Indians rank in most populous countries in the world? 

A. 2nd 

9. SI unit of current? 

A. Ampere 

10. SI unit  of power ?

A. Power 

11. SI unit of energy? 

A. Joule 

12. SI unit of frequency? 

A. Hertz 

13. SI until of pressure? 

A. Pascal 

14. SI unit of length? 

A. Unit 

15. SI unit of time? 

A. Second 

16. SI unit of mass? 

A. Kilogram (kg) 

17. Smallest planet in solar system? 

A. Mercury 

18. Sanchi stupa was build by ?

A. Ashok 

19. Where was 'Azad hind Fauz' founded ?

A. Singapore 

20. Who led the Bardoli sathyagrah movement? 

A. Sardar Vallabhai Patel 

21. Who is  known as the father of Indian unrest? 

A.Bal gangadhar tilak 

22. Who was the founder of ghadar party? 

A. Sohan singh bhakna

23. Who wrote 'Akbarnama' ?

A. Abul fazal 

24. In which year was the Easten Indian company established? 

A. 1600

25. Which was the richest county in the world? 

A. Qatar 

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