General knowledge

1. Covid -19 ?

A.  Corona virus disease 2019

2 . P. P. E. A kit? 

A. Personal  protective equipment 

3. RT-PCR? 

A. Real Time polymerase  chain reaction 

4. Nobel Prize 2020  in medicine or physiology?

A. Harvey J. Alter ,Michale Houghton and Charles M. Rice

5.Nobel prize 2020 In physics? 

A. Roger penrose ,Reinhard Genzel and Andrea ghez

6.Nobel prize 2020 in chemistry? 

A. Emmanuelle  charpentire and Jennifer

7. Leather city of world?  

A. Kanpur 

8.Wine capital of India ?

A. Nashik

9. Silicon Valley of India? 

A. Bangalore

10.city of placeses? 

A. Kolkata 

11. Gate way of south? 

A. Chennai 

12. SARS? 

A. Server acute respiratory syndrome 

13.MERS ?

A. Middel east respiratory syndrome 

14 . The longest railway bridge in India located on which lake?

A. Vembanad lake

15. longest railway zone in India ?

A. Northern railways 

16. When was the first train streamed  off in India ?

A. 1853

17. The maitree  express conntecs  India  with which country 

A. Bangladesh 

18. Who was  the first railway minister  of independent India ?

A. John mathai 

19. Rank of India in the world in terms of length of railroad network? 

A. Fourth 

20. First female train driver of the Indian Railways in India?

A. Surekha yadav



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