General knowledge:

 1. Largest producer of fish? 

A. India :west Bengal 

 World : china

2. Largest producer of steel? 

A. India: odisha 

   World : china

3. Largest producer of uranium? 

A. India : Andhar Pradesh 

    World :kazakhstan

4. Largest producer of cement? 

A. India : madhay Pradesh 

      World :china

5. Largest producer of Braley? 

A. India : Uttar Pradesh 

     World : Russia 

6. Full form of ICAR? 

A. Indian council of agriculture research 

7. Full form of IMF? 

A. International monetary fund 

8. Full form of EU? 

A. European Union 

9. National emergency under Indian constitution?

A. Article - 352

10. Failure of constitutional Machinery  in state? 

A. Article -356

11. Financial emergency under Indian constitution? 

A. Article -360

12. Largest producer of pulses? 

 A. India : madhay Pradesh 

      World :India 

13. Largest producer of tobacco? 

A. India : Andhar Pradesh 

        World : china 

14. Largest producer of tea? 

A. India : Assam 

   World : china

15. Largest producer of coffee? 

A. India: Karnataka 

     World : Brazil 



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