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General knowledge:

1. Largest monkey? 

A. Gorilla 

2. Largest snake? 

A. Python 

3. Smallest bird? 

A. Humming  bird 

4. Largest land mammal? 

A. African elephant

5. Full form of CRPF? 

A.  Central reserve police force 

6. Full form of LOC? 

A. line of control 

7. Full form of LOAC? 

A.  Line of actual control

8. Full form of PSLV? 

A. Polar satellite launch vehicle 

9. Full form of BSF? 

A. Border security force 

10. Largest producer of tobacco? 

A. India : Andhra Pradesh 

       World : china

11. Largest producer of Pulses? 

A. INDIA : madhay Pradesh 

      World : India 

12.Largest producer of tea? 

A. INDIA : Assam

     World : china

13. Largest producer of coffee? 

A. INDIA : Karnataka 

     World : BARZIL

14. Largest producer of Jute ?

A. INDIA : west Bengal 

    World : India