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 1.What is used in yellow lamp street lights? 

 A. Sodium

2.What is used in periscope?

A.  Plane mirror

3.Rajaji National Park is in? 

A. Uttarakhand 

4. The blood group was discovered by? 

A. Karl landsteiner 

5. In which year Mohammad Gohri attacked first in India? 

A. 1175

6.paris of the east? 

A. Pondicherry 

7.Which state govt.launched  oil palm project? 

A. Mainpur 

8.Which gas used in ripeping of fruits? 

A. Acetylene 

9.India & Which signs MOU  on intellectual property cooperation?


 10. Indian's rank in Global  Terrorism index 2020?

A. 8th 

11. Who became's new director general of BRO? 

A. LT gen Rajeev chaudhary 

12.First submarine of India is? 

A. INS kalavari

13.First metro to use energy created from waste? 

A. Delhi metro

14.Study of kidney is? 

A. Nephrology 

15.Which country has the highest no. Of female piolt in the world? 

A. India 

16. First carbon positive village of India?

A. Mainpur