1.Total number of wild life sanctuaries in India?

A. 553

2.Total no. of national parks in India? 


3.Total no. of tiger reserve in India? 

A. 50

4.Total no. of Bio-spheres  reserves in India?

 A. 18

5.Total no. of Elephants reserves in India? 

A. 32 

6.In which year salt satyagraha initiated was initiated in? 

A. 1930

7.Sound of frequencies below 20Hz are called? 

A. Infrasonic sound

8.Buccal cavity is a component of which organ? 

A. Digestive system 

9.Arjan singh the first only five start officer of India Air Force . 

10.A zilla parishad teacher from solapur has  own prestigious "Global teacher prize" by UNESCO. 

He is the 1st Indian to achieve this feat. 

11.varanashi was located on the bank of which river ?

A. Ganga 

12. Chicken pox was caused by? 

A. Virus 

13.Largest forest state of India? 

A. Madhay Pradesh 

14.Biggest underground railway network? 

A. New York 

15. Longest dam in India is? 

A. Hirakud dam 

16.1crore Health care workers will be first to get covid-19 vaccine -Government 



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