Puberty BOYS

Puberty BOYS:

  we r much familiar this regarding in a girl first period,but it's little bit confused and surprised how a boy turns himself to an adult and what the signs specify reproductive status started in a Male.
 Let me explain u 
[*** First and foremost important thing it's not a wrong to discuss about puberty in boys as well as in girls, we are humans ,must to know every keen part of human being regardless gender bias]
   It's not a single sign which decide a boy enters into puberty,multiple signs placed himself to decide, what he now, signs should be as acne in face,sweating, TESTCLES begin to bigger, STROTUM become to thick(tip of the penis),body shape regarding enlargement of breast from actual state(not much as in female),solid voice,Exitement and little bit of nervousness ,muscles grown,height,hair around chin and upper lip.....
these are various changes started to prepared him as a men
  Apart from that ,hormone like TESTOSTERONE plays main role in this changes ,LH decides the amount semen present in the testicles *** sometimes during night time they should be experiencing wet as like in their childhood bedtime,a little bit varies should be as they unconsciously revealing semen(present in sperms) this
 process is called EJACULATION so caused to wet,its not a problem.(Sign only)
 ● A few would be experiencing ejaculation while staring girls and touch in this period
●EJECTION will be accepted while penis started to standouts.
 ●Puberty occurs between the 9-14 years
● here hight superior to girls.
 we are in the part of NATURE
not any superficious.

if you have any questions please comment 
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