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Basic general knowledge

General knowledge:

 1. How many planet's are their in solar system? 

A. Eight (8)

2. Which planet has maximum no of moon's ?

A. Saturn (82)

3. Which planet is called red planet? 

A. Mars

4. Which planet is biggest planet? 

A. Venus.

5. Which planet has no natural satellite? 

A. Mercury & Venus 

6. Full form of BRICS? 

A. Brazil, Russia, china, India and South Africa 

7. Full form of NITI? 

A. National Institution of transforming India 

8. Full form of ATM? 

A. Automated teller machine 

9.Full form of DRDO? 

A. Defence research & development organizations 

10. Full form of NABARD?

A. National bank for agricultural and rural development 

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